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DDoS Protection

In recent years, DDoS attacks are becoming more and more popular. It's power, especially for UDP "amplified" attacks, can easily overflow ISPs uplink capacity. Giganet is developing a solution to mitigate following DDoS attacks:

  1. TCP SYN flood
  2. HTTP flood
  3. UDP Amplification
  4. ICMP flood

Our service is designed to mitigate DDoS attack by filtering "garbage" traffic at Giganet's equipment. When DDoS attack is detected, our DDoS protection systems does following actions:

  • In case of UDP amplification or ICMP flood, it blocks garbage traffic on Giganet networks perimeter using our Firewall mechanism.
  • In case of TCP Syn flood or HTTP Flood all traffic to attacked host will be rerouted to our DDoS filtering system.

At the moment, technical part of service are in alpha-development stage. It's available for the alpha-testers operators.