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Global Peering

More than 290 ukrainian and foreign ISPs are using Global Peering from Giganet.UA

Global Peering is a cost-effective service which points to reduce IP transit and network costs by aggregating all kinds of ISPs (e.g. end customers internet providers, datacenters, transit operators, CDNs) on a single L2 network.

By connecting to Global Peering service your network will gain:

  • L2 connectivity with more than 290 ukrainian and foreign ISPs and telecom operators.
  • No need to negotiate private peering with all our members: just setup BGP session to our routeservers and you will get all their prefixes (and they will got yours) instantly.
  • Access to various CDNs (Google, Akamai etc).
  • Access to the Root-DNS server E, as well as authoritative nameservers of 57 TLD-zones (including .UA, .FR, .DK and .CAT).
  • Flexible management of your traffic with BGP communities, possibility to build selective peering policy.
  • Statistics of your traffic flow to other members: SuperStat.
  • DDoS protection service with Blackhole, Firewall.
  • Access to our LastMile service.

At the moment Global Peering has:

  • 290+ members.
  • 105000+ prefixes from 11900 autonomous systems.
  • 55 - 1GE ports
  • 364 - 10GE ports
  • 27 - 40GE ports
  • 29 - 100GE ports
  • Summary exchange traffic bandwidth has reached the 2 terabit per second point.

Giganet.UA growth chart

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